Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thousand Hands Buddha Dance


Zhang Jigang, though unknown by many is an internationally approved Chinese choreographer. He began his formal dance training at the age of 12 with full gusto and continues to dance with the same interest till date although he has turned 53 by 2011. Being a passionate dancer, he graduated with a degree in choreography and has received almost every highest award in the country. Zhang Jigang's most famous and influential production is the "THOUSAND HAND BHODISATTVA" or "GUAN YIN". This dance features 21 hearing impaired dancers who form remarkable arm and hand positions by standing behind each other in a perfect column. Breathtaking images are created as the dancers produce perfectly timed and choreographed movements, making no mistake. This show quickly became a national treasure and overwhelming domestic success. It was first performed internationally at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, D.C. in front of former President of the United States Bill Clinton, senior White House staff and spectators. It generated rave reviews and was showcased shortly thereafter around the world in countries including Australia, Japan, North Korea, Egypt, Turkey and Italy. The disabled performers have become so popular that they are welcomed by people all over the world. The choreography along with the music and the dancers' golden costume is beautiful and intoxicating.


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