Thursday, 4 July 2013

ABCD - Anybody Can Dance

Dance, today is not just an entertainment but makes life meaningful for many. For instance, Michael Jackson endured only because of his dance and in our day Prabhu Deva, Birju Maharaj and many others live to tell the tale owing to their dance. Dance, apart from being an element in movies has started becoming the movie itself. STEP UP is a well-known Hollywood dance film which has extended up to five parts. The same recognition has been pulled off by the 2013 Bollywood 3-D dance film "ABCD (Any Body Can Dance)" directed and choreographed by the renowned choreographer Remo D'Souza . This movie, starring Prabhu Deva and Ganesh Acharya (the Chikni Chameli fame) in the key role has also other artists like Kay Kay Menon, Lauren Gottlieb, Dharmesh Yelande, Salman Yusuff Khan and dancers from "Dance India Dance". Along with the Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions titled Aadalam Boys Chinnatha Dance, the film was released worldwide on February 8, 2013. 



                   After having a bitter disagreement with his friend and manager Jehangir Khan about the obvious abuse of power and influence to win a dance competition called "Dance Dil Se" for his team JDC (Jehangir Dance Company), the choreographer of the dance company, Vishnu (Prabhu Deva), quits his job. At first he wants to return home to Chennai, but his friend Gopi (Ganesh Acharya) persuades him to stay in Mumbai with him. After witnessing some underprivileged local youths' dancing abilities at a celebration for lord Ganesha, Vishnu decides to start his own dance group with them. The main challenges for Vishnu are the lack of discipline among the dancers and the rivalry between the two factions in the group lead by D (Dharmesh Yelande) and Rocky . There is also Chandu, a drug addict trying to overcome his addiction through dance and Riya, who was JDC's star pupil until Jehangir tries to take advantage of her. Riya later joins Vishnu's team. How they manage to overcome their individual limitations and how they battle it out on India's top dance show "Dance Dil Se" is the rest of the movie.


               The music was composed by Sachin-Jigar and Mayur Puri is the lyric-writer. Every song makes our feet tap, and personally my favorites are "Psycho Re" and "Bezubaan" which can make Anybody Dance!!!! T he last song which is pictured as the finale dance, makes my eyes wet.


Psycho Re with Prabhu Deva (to the left) and Ganesh Acharya (to the right)



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